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Get Just What You Need

Imagine getting the expertise of a seasoned marketing leader without the hefty price tag. As your fractional marketing leader I’ll work with you to set realistic expectations for both the short-term and long-term, aligning my efforts with your business goals.

Be As Agile As You Can Be

With me, your marketing strategy can adapt on the fly. I offer the flexibility to shift plans month-to-month or week-to-week, ensuring your strategy remains in sync with your ever-changing needs and priorities.

Get $$$$ Value, Save $$$

It’s like having a $150K-$300K+ base salary hire on your team, but for just a few grand a month – or even less. Your ROI is off the charts!

When Should You Hire A Fractional Marketing Leader?

Sales have slowed. Conversion rates are low. Sales and marketing teams lack alignment. Your revenue doesn’t justify a full-time leadership hire. Your marketing team requires stronger leadership and a strategic plan. Your marketing tactics feel random and unmeasured. Your marketing agency isn’t providing sufficient support. Your current marketing leader is taking a leave of absence. You lack a growth strategy or need help defining one. You require guidance on marketing team structure or other commercial growth issues.

What Is A Fractional Marketing Leader?

A Fractional Marketing Leader collaborates closely with your leadership team to develop revenue-generating marketing strategies, all while keeping your budget in check. Here’s how we compare:

Embedded with the team? YesNoYesNo
End DateNo/indefiniteYesTypicallyNo
Full-time?Not usuallySometimesYesNo
Represents the companyYesNoYesNo
Leads the marketing teamYesNoYesNo
Manages agencies, content partners and vendorsYesNoYesNo

Why Hire A Fractional Marketing Leader?

Consider the game-changing benefits:
Cost-effectiveness: Get the expertise of a seasoned leader without the overhead costs of a full-time hire, perfect for startups and SMBs.
Subject-matter expertise: Leverage years of experience and industry knowledge to devise successful marketing strategies.
Fresh perspective: Gain clarity and order with an outside perspective informed by years of experience.
Cohesive strategy: Transition from a disjointed approach to a well-defined, holistic marketing strategy with clear objectives and KPIs.
Risk mitigation: Test leadership styles before committing to a full-time hire.

Meet Your Growth Partner

  • 10+ years of B2B marketing experience
  • 5 years of team leadership experience
  • A proven track record in startups, global companies, and agencies

I specialize in delivering results, having crafted revenue engines for B2B organizations across various sectors, including edtech and e-commerce/marketing tech. I have headed up PR, brand strategy, web development and design, and SEO/content marketing, both in-house and in coordination with external agencies. I design marketing solutions to achieve your unique business goals, with a focus on anticipating challenges and championing customer expectations.

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